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Wed. Apr 14th 2021
We are happy to announce the executive board has voted to resume in-person Company Meetings. The first company meeting will be Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 7:00 PM. To comply with state guidelines a...
Thu. Jul 11th 2019
To all members, During the company meeting in June, the members voted in favor of changing the start time of the regular Company Members Meeting from 8pm to 7pm. Effective Wednesday July 17, 2019, th...
Wed. Jun 5th 2019
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Fire Police Captain Tom Cole.
As a life member of Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company, Tom gave so much to our community and company... an...
Fri. Nov 30th 2018
On Saturday, November 24, our firefighters took advantage of some warmer weather after the historically cold Thanksgiving to practice some vehicle rescue techniques. The group established a tension bu...
Fri. Jun 22nd 2018
On Wednesday June 22, Firefighter A. McIntyre, FF/EMT A. Marchetti and FF/Medic J. Ulrich visited Girl Scouts to help them accomplish their first aid badges. The crew taught the girls about first aid ...
Assistant 68
2013 Chevy Tahoe
Chester and Montgomery County Portables
SCBA and Mask
Command Console

This vehicle is used by the assistant fire chief to respond to emergencies and to conduct fire company business.
ATV 68
2016 Polaris Ranger 6x6
Custom manufactured brush firefighting removable skid unit from Wild Bear Fire with and 80 gallon water tank
2WD, 4WD, and 6WD capabilities with high and low gear
Whelen/Soundoff emergency lighting
Powercall audible warning

This vehicle is transported in a 20' trailer that can be towed by our various smaller utility vehicles.
Brush 68
1988 Chevy Custom Deluxe
Brush 68 is a 1988 Chevy Custom Deluxe, four wheel drive pick-up, with a custom suppression setup and is housed at our substation. The truck carries a host of hand tools for containing the spread of brush and forest fires. Unlike the pumps on our class A engines, the pump on this truck can operate independent of the vehicle's power train. This allows the truck to be driven along the outer edges of field fires and apply water directly on the burning vegitation to stop fire spread and quickly contain the fire.

With its 4x4 capabilities, the brush truck is also used during severe storms to assist with clearing downed trees, as well as removing vehicles stuck in rising waters with its winch.

Equipment List
200’ 1 Ύ” attack line
100’ 1” Booster “Red” Line
150’ 3” Supply Line
2- Stihl Chain Saws
12,000 lb Ramsey Winch
Seating for 4, a driver, officer and 2 firefighters.
175 gallon water tank
400 gpm Godiva Pump
5kw Generator
Chief 68
2012 Ford Expedition
2012 Ford Expedition
Chester and Montgomery County Portables
Tomar Emergency Lights
Command Console in rear
SCBA and Mask
AED and EMS Jump Bag

Vehicle is used by our chief officers to respond to emergencies and conduct fire company business
Deputy 68
2007 Chevy Tahoe
Chester County MDC
Rear command console
SCBA assembly
Engine 68-1
2012 Spartan/Crimson Fire Apparatus
Engine 68-1 is a 2012 Spartan Gladiator cab and chassis with a custom built body by Crimson Fire Apparatus (the newly formed Spartan ERV). The unit will be designated Engine 68-1 and meets the Chester County specifications for both Engine and Rescue. The combination of two of firefighting equipment into one has become very popular to reduce the total number of apparatus needed on scene to mitigate the given emergency. Engine 68-1 is housed at our main station in Valley Forge.

Equipment List

Cummins Diesel ISX 500hp Engine
Allison Automatic Transmission
Waterous Dual Stage 2000gpm (Rated @ 1500gpm)
1000 Gal of water/30 Gal Class B foam
Waterous Advantus Foam System
(2) 200’ 1 Ύ” Speedlays
(1) 200’ 3” Speedlay
(1) 100’ 1 Ύ” Trash Line Front Bumper
(1) Leader Line Setup (150’ 3”/ (2) 150’ 1 Ύ”)
(1) 200’ 3” Attack Line
Tomar Light Bars and Emergency Lighting
Harrison 20kw Generator
Hurst High Pressure Rescue Tools w/E-Draulic Combi Tool in Front Bumper
Weldon HID 12v Scene Lights
Wilbert Night Scan Light Tower (4) 1000 watt lights
FRC 750w Brow and Scene Lights
Chester and Montgomery County 800 MhZ Radio systems
Lifepak 500 AED
BLS jump bag and portable suction unit
Paratech Rescue Struts + Air Bags
Stihl Chop Saw
Stihl Rescue Chain Saw
Stoke Basket
Water Rescue Helmets and Life Vests
MSA 4 Gas Meter
Bullard Thermal Imager

Unit runs first out from our substation.
Engine 68-2
2002 Pierce Dash
Engine 68-2 is a 2002 Pierce Dash Custom Pumper and is housed at our substation on Pothouse Road. This engine is classified as a Rescue Pumper, which means that in addition to carrying the normal engine company tools (hose and water) it carries hydraulic rescue tools for vehicle rescues. With its dual role capabilities, this truck has become our work horse and is typically our first out truck on most calls. This vehicle is RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) capable and is equipped to handle firefighter rescues on working incidents.

Equipment List:

3- 200' 1 Ύ" cross lays
1- 100' 1 Ύ" bumper (trash) line
1,000' 5" supply line
Valley Forge Lay (leader line set)
1- 300' 3" Blitz Line
Thermal Imaging Camera
Seating for 6, a Driver, Officer and 4 Firefighters
6- Survivair 4500 psi SCBA
5- RIT rescue belts
Scott Safety and MSA RIT bags
BLS jump bag
Centaur Hydraulic Spreaders
Centaur Hydraulic Combi-tool
Willburt Night Scan Chief light tower
2000 GPM Hale Q Max Pump
1000 Gallon Water Tank
30 Gallon Foam Tank
Around the Pump Foam System
Stihl MS460 roof saw
Stihl 14" Chop Saw
Stihl 21" chain saw
Engine 68-5
2008 Spartan/Marion
Engine 68-5 is a 2008 Spartan/Marion Pumper Tanker built on a Spartan Gladiator Chassis and is housed at our main station. This apparatus functions as an NFPA class A engine however because of the amount of water it carries, it is refered to as a Pumper Tanker.

Engine 68-5 was placed in service at At 7:25 pm on September 3, 2008.

Equipment List
Cummins 500hp Diesel Engine w/ Allison Automatic Transmission
2000 GPM Waterous Two Stage Pump (Rated at 1500gpm)
2500 Gallon Water Tank
50 Gallon Class B Foam Tank
Waterous Advantis Foam System
Seating for 6 personnel
Chester and Montgomery County 800mhz Radios
David Clark Headset System
Willburt Night Scan Chief light tower 4,000 Watt
Tomar Lighting Package
Weldon HID 7x9 Scene Lights
Harrison 15kw Generator
Fire Research Company Brow, Scene and Tri-Pod Lights
6 - Survivair 4500 psi SCBA
6 - Self Escape Bags for Firefighters
Lifepak 500 AED
BLS Jump bag
2 - 200' 1 Ύ" preconnects
1 - 200' 3" preconnect
1 - 100' 1 Ύ" bumper (trash) line
1,000' 5" supply line
Valley Forge Lay (leader line set)
1- 300' 3" Blitz Line
2500 Gallon Porta-Pond Tank
Stihl Chop Saw
Stihl Rescue Chain Saw
Hurst Combi Tool with Gas Power Unit
Tanker 68 - RETIRED
1985 Volvo White 4 Guys
Tanker 68 is a 1985 Volvo White and housed at our substation. As a water tanker, the truck's primary role is to provide an emergency water supply in areas where hydrants do not exists or where hydrants just may not provide an adequate volume of water. When not committed to emergencies, the truck is also used during the spring and summer months to fill swimming pools for residents of our township.

Equipment List
Seating for 2 people, a driver and a Firefighter
2- Scott 4500 psi SCBA
1- 300' 1 Ύ" Cross lay
1- 300' 3" Attack/Supply Line
20' of 2 ½" Hard Suction Hose
10' of 3" Hard Suction Hose
20' of 5" Hard Suction Hose
3,000 gallon "port-a-pond" for remote filling operations
3,500 Gallon tank
500 gpm Hale Pump Single Stage PTO Pump
Traffic 68
2012 GMC 3500hd Reading Utility Body
Tomar Emergency Lighting
Traffic Signs/Barricades
2000 Watt Generator

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