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Wed. Apr 14th 2021
We are happy to announce the executive board has voted to resume in-person Company Meetings. The first company meeting will be Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 7:00 PM. To comply with state guidelines a...
Thu. Jul 11th 2019
To all members, During the company meeting in June, the members voted in favor of changing the start time of the regular Company Members Meeting from 8pm to 7pm. Effective Wednesday July 17, 2019, th...
Wed. Jun 5th 2019
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Fire Police Captain Tom Cole.
As a life member of Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company, Tom gave so much to our community and company... an...
Fri. Nov 30th 2018
On Saturday, November 24, our firefighters took advantage of some warmer weather after the historically cold Thanksgiving to practice some vehicle rescue techniques. The group established a tension bu...
Fri. Jun 22nd 2018
On Wednesday June 22, Firefighter A. McIntyre, FF/EMT A. Marchetti and FF/Medic J. Ulrich visited Girl Scouts to help them accomplish their first aid badges. The crew taught the girls about first aid ...
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The Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company is an all volunteer organization since its creation in 1949.  The fire company is a non-profit organization that provides fire and rescue services in all of Schuylkill Township in Chester County.  Additionally, the fire company provides mutual aid support to all our surrounding municipalities in Chester and Montgomery Counties.The fire company's main station is located on Valley Park Road, just outside of the Valley Forge National Park.  The company also houses a number fire apparatus at the sub-station located along Pothouse Road.




Early in 1949, after several fires in the Valley Forge area that were a total loss or nearly a total loss, a group of men from the village decided that Valley Forge was in great need of a fire company. This group of eleven men consisted of Paul Hicks*, John F. Davis*, Albert Ritschards*, James T. Setzler*, Carroll Swearer*, E. Arthur Rowan*, John Kenneth Long*, Richard Leeson*, Gilbert Swearer*, Joseph Ravis* and Paul Weber*. Meetings were held at the home of Mr. Hicks, Mr. Coughey's hall, the old school house, and anywhere the group could get together.
After several meetings, the group met with Mr. Fred Deininger, Esq. to find out what was involved with starting a fire company. On August 23, 1949, Paul Hicks and Albert Ritschards went to see Squire Elwanger with regards to processing the appropriate paperwork. On August 29, 1949, it was brought before the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. On September 6, 1949, a notice of "Article of Corporation" was printed in several papers, one of these being the "Daily Republican" of Phoenixville. Mr. Ujobai was the Managing Editor of the paper. On October 4, 1949, a decree was issued by The Honorable Judge Harvey of Chester County that the name of "Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company" was officially recorded. No other person or organization would ever be able to use this name.

At one of the first meetings, Richard Leeson was appointed Chairman of the committee to write the Fire Company's Constitution and By-Laws. Others serving on this committee were Gilbert Swearer, Joseph Ravis, and John Kenneth Long. They met in the basement of Richard Leeson's home. It was also decided that John F. Davis and two other men would be appointed to find a piece of land on which to build the first Fire Hall.

The men of this company had decided to purchase their first piece of equipment from the Friendship Fire Company in Phoenixville. Most of the original eleven members were present at a membership meeting at Friendship Fire Company. A motion was passed that Friendship would sponsor Valley Forge. Their bid was put in to purchase an engine for $500. The motion was passed and the new engine was driven down to Valley Forge in April of 1950 by Paul Hicks and Albert Ritschards.

* Deceased 







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